Vegan Princess in an Omni Kingdom

Adventures of a vegan girl living in an omni world.

Welcome to the Kingdom September 19, 2011

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Hello! Welcome to my blog. Now, you might be wondering who I am. My name is Molly, I am a 26 year old librarian living in Seattle, WA. You might wonder why then, I say that I am living in “the omni kingdom.” Seattle isn’t exactly a wasteland when it comes to vegan options, after all we do have a grocery store, and several vegan restaurants. What I am referring to is more my day to day life. I am most of the time, the only “vegan in the room” most days. This makes life a bit complicated at times. I am still working on how to navigate that, and that is what I will explore, along with you, my fine readers.

I of course, am a huge fan of vegan food, so this will also be a space to share what I am cooking, eating and sharing with others. I do apologize for the slightly crappy iPhone pictures to come, an update to the camera situation is coming soon, I promise.

Welcome to the kingdom!



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