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Monday, Monday, Sure Isn’t Sunday September 20, 2011

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Today was such a Monday. One of those days where everything at work seemed to go wrong, from the minute I hit the building. They are doing construction and today they were laying down carpet, which means glue. Stinky glue, which is probably (make that certainly) not vegan, but I was less concerned about that and more concerned about the fact that that stuff is toxic and was filling my lungs with all kinds of nasty chemicals. Add to that a database that kept telling me it was corrupt and you have a crappy day.

As I kept willing the database to just give me my data, I kept daydreaming about what I would do in a few hours to cheer myself up. A trip to Lush seemed in order, as I had somehow let myself run out of bath bombs, which is tragic. They have a special deal going on a tin of 9 bath bombs, all but one which are vegan, so I bought it, of course. The one that isn’t vegan, has honey in it, but I may just use it anyway, as honey is one of my flexible things right now. [Sidenote: I tell people that if honey is the only thing that makes something not vegan (and I am not purchasing it for myself, or in this case, purchasing it separately) then I will still use it. If I am intentionally buying the product then honey makes it a no-go.]

Lush bath bombs

Bath Bomb Set from Lush.

Another cheer up? Vegan pho. The vegan world (at least my vegan Twitter pals) have gone pho crazy in the past few weeks, so they are certainly feeding my cravings. The pho place was out of tofu, but they made up for it by adding extra veggies. They assured me that “tomorrow we will have tofu. You will come back.” So, I guess, pho tomorrow too? 🙂

Vegan Pho, No Tofu.

Vegan pho, no tofu this time.

All in all, my Monday ended up OK. Minor Monday annoyances can usually be fixed with a little vegan comfort food and retail therapy.

What brings you comfort after a bad day?


3 Responses to “Monday, Monday, Sure Isn’t Sunday”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I had no idea that honey was a vegan no-no (technically)!

  2. We should go for pho at Square Lotus sometime! Although, they have literally 27 other vegan items on their menu with their veggie meats that sometimes I regret ordering it until the steaming bowl of goodness arrives! I learned by observation last time that you are supposed to use your chopsticks to twirl your noodles ONTO your spoon, like Italian fork and spoon spaghetti swirl style, and then slurp your noodle nest into your mouth. I never knew that. I just alternate between spoon and chopsticks and let the noodles fall out of my mouth until I slurp them up.

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