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Macro “Mac and Cheeze”- Vegan Mofo Day #3 October 3, 2011

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I have made many vegan mac and cheese recipes, most of which involve Daiya. Now, I love Daiya, but I don’t really feel a lot better about consuming a pile of it than I used to consuming the food like product that came in the blue box. I do love mac and cheese almost as much as I love my iPhone, so I was very excited to find the macro mac and cheeze recipe in Christy Morgan’s (better known as The Blissful Chef) new cookbook, Blissful Bites (page 150). In this version the “cheese” sauce is made out of butternut squash.

Macro Mac and Cheeze

Macro Mac and Cheeze

To be honest, this doesn’t really taste much like mac and cheese. It could be because I only bought one box of pasta not two and thus had to cut everything in half. I forgot to cut the nutritional yeast in half though, and since I am not a huge fan of the flavor of nutritional yeast it was a bit overpowering. If I think of it as butternut squash pasta dish, it is great, but it is not really a mac and cheese in my opinion.

Coming up, a soup recipe from Blissful Bites to use up the rest of the butternut squash!


2 Responses to “Macro “Mac and Cheeze”- Vegan Mofo Day #3”

  1. Jojo Says:

    I saw this in a friends copy of this book & wondered if it tasted very mac & cheesy.

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