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Highline Happy Hour- Vegan Mofo Day #4 October 4, 2011

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I have two words for you: pickle chips. Well, ok, maybe a few more words. Deep fried pickle chips. As one of my coworkers said today “there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.”

I met a friend for happy hour last night at Highline Bar on Capitol Hill here in Seattle. The goal was to drink some cheap beer (I ended up with a hard cider instead) and eat some cheap, greasy dive bar food. Mission accomplished. We got the aforementioned pickle chips and the vegan nachos. The pickle chips were equal parts salty, greasy and well, pickle-ly. The nachos reminded me of the (very much non-vegan) giant platters my friends and I used to consume in dive bars all across Boston when I was in grad school.

Highline is definitely my go to spot for happy hour now. My friend (an omni, by the way) declared that we have to go back and work our way through the entire menu. I think that is the ultimate measure of how good this place is.

Pickle Chips!

Pickle Chips!

Vegan nachos!

Slightly blurry vegan nachos.

Highline Bar is located at 210 Broadway Ave E in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. They are open Monday-Friday 11am-2am and Saturday-Sunday 9am-2am.


One Response to “Highline Happy Hour- Vegan Mofo Day #4”

  1. bad1788 Says:

    Woah. Pickle chips sound amazing!!!

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