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Kitchen Tour- Vegan Mofo Day #8 October 8, 2011

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I thought that today I would give you all a tour of my kitchen so you can see where I am creating all of the recipes I post on here. I live in a tiny studio apartment in a building that was built in the 1950’s and hasn’t changed much since then. This means that I have hardly any counter space, hardly any outlets and some of my appliances have to live on the floor.

This is a view of my whole kitchen.

View of the whole kitchen

View of the whole kitchen.

This is the food cupboard, where most of my canned goods and spices and baking supplies live. It is small and that cubby up above makes most of the space very short, so big bottles of most oils are out of the question, since they won’t fit.

Can goods, baking supplies and spices.

Can goods, baking supplies and spices.

This is the dishes cupboard, as you can see I am not really in to matching sets of anything as it is just me eating most of the time, it rarely matters. I get most of my dishes either from my parents house (my Mom gave me a bunch of stuff when I moved out), or Ross. A few of those items are from my grandparent’s kitchen, they gave them to me when they moved out of their house this summer. That yellow bowl on the top shelf is the bowl that my grandma taught me to make (non-vegan) cookies in when I was in high school. The milk bottle on the lower shelf is from my pre-vegan days and now I use it to store dry goods or homemade sauces on occasion.

Dishes cupboard.

Dishes cupboard.

This is the drawer that houses all of my food storage containers, as well as some other random items. All of my drawers lack drawer guides, so I have to be careful when I pull them out that they don’t fall out and crush my foot.

Food storage container drawer.

Food storage container drawer.

These are most of my pots and pans, as you can see there isn’t much space, so I have some other larger stock pots stored in various corners of my apartment wherever I can find space for them.

Pots and pans drawer.

Pots and pans drawer.

This is my baking supplies drawer. I have a ton of cookie sheets, muffin tins and other baking supplies in here. I even have a pan that makes Halloween shaped muffins, that will make an appearance on this blog a little later on in the month.

Baking supplies drawer.

Baking supplies drawer.

I have an ice cream maker that hasn’t make it out of the box yet, it used to be my Dad’s and it never made it out of the box when it was at my parent’s house either, but I think it has a better shot at getting out of the box living with me. šŸ™‚

Ice cream maker

Ice cream maker

This is my cookbook shelf on the other side of the apartment. I have so many cookbooks now that it is almost an entire shelf on my bookcase. This shelf is now all cookbooks and Harry Potter, which are two of my favorite things in the world.

Cookbook collection.

Cookbook collection

As you can see I have to get a little creative to cook in such a small space, but I manage and one day when I have a full sized kitchen I won’t know what to do with myself.

What is the smallest kitchen you have ever cooked in?


3 Responses to “Kitchen Tour- Vegan Mofo Day #8”

  1. Ty Says:

    here’s a link to my tiny kitchen in brooklyn, where i started blogging. cooking in there was definitely a challenge!

    • bookie85 Says:

      That is a tiny kitchen! At least two people can fit in mine. They can fit, but actually doing much is out of the question, so it isn’t terribly useful, but oh well.

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