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Gardein Savory Stuffed Turk’y- Vegan Mofo Day #11 October 11, 2011

Filed under: Food,Product Review,Vegan Mofo 2011 — bookie85 @ 8:34 PM

Gardein is one of my favorite companies, the products that they make made my transition to being vegan so much easier. I say that they taste like meat, but so much better, and nobody suffered for them, which makes them even better. While I love their veggie burger, chick’n tenders and buffalo wings, it is the stuffed turk’y that I crave the most.

Stuffed Turk'y

Stuffed Turk'y

The package comes with two stuffed “turkeys” with a traditional type stuffing inside. There is also a packet of gravy. While I can do stuffing better when I do it myself, it is pretty tasty for a frozen version. I would say that the gravy is a little bit saltier than I would make it myself, but that is also a by product of being frozen, I think and it certainly doesn’t make it so I won’t eat it.

This is a great guilty pleasure convenience food and while I wouldn’t eat it all the time, it is a pretty healthy option as far as vegan junk food goes.

Turkey, stuffing and gravy.

Turkey, stuffing and gravy.


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