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Steelhead Diner November 6, 2011

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A couple weeks ago it was restaurant week here in Seattle. I only took advantage once, for a lunch at Steelhead Diner with a couple of former coworkers, but it was certainly a great use of the discounted pre-fixe options that many Seattle area restaurants had to offer that week (well, really 2 weeks). For only $15, we enjoyed a three course meal at this great spot just up from Pike Place Market.

The Steelhead Diner uses mostly locally sourced ingredients from around the Pacific Northwest. The prefixe menu that day was either vegan or easily veganized. I had a kale, butternut squash and bean minestrone soup for the first course (neglected to get a picture). The second course was a veggie chili with the sour cream and cheese omitted.

Veggie Chili

Veggie Chili

The chili was so spicy I couldn’t eat it, but I think with the spices toned down a bit the flavors of the veggies and beans would shine through more and it would have been a good, hearty chili perfect for chilly fall days.

The third course was a pear sorbet, which had a very delicate flavor to it, so subtle that after the spicy chili it took a long time to develop on my palate, but once it did, it was a great and refreshing end to the meal.

Pear sorbet.

Pear sorbet.

Steelhead Diner is located at 95 Pine Street in Seattle, just up the street from the iconic Pike Place Market.


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