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Thanksgiving at Work (Giving Thanks for Thoughtful Coworkers) November 24, 2011

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This year, I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving, but that didn’t meant that I didn’t get to enjoy a nice meal with some of my favorite people in my life: my coworkers in the library at the nonprofit I work at. Yes, that is right, I actually like my coworkers and all of the traditions that my team at work participates in every year, such as holiday meals together for lunch one day prior to major holidays (and birthdays). I am still fairly new to the team, only having been there for 6 months, but I have already made an impact on the group, changing the course of the potlucks to be all vegetarian, mostly vegan (without having to ask, they just are nice that way). That means that everything on the table was made so that I could eat it.

We set a very nice table in the cafe, using tableclothes brought in by one of my coworkers, some of the dishes we keep on hand in our “party stash” and dishes found in the kitchens at work( yes, we are spoiled and have a sizable stash of real dishes to use, and dishwashers to wash them in, in kitchens all over our building).

Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving table 2011.

One of my coworkers made mashed sweet potatoes using coconut butter to give them a nice nutty flavor and to make them dairy free.

Sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes made with coconut butter and spices.

My boss made pasta with plenty of veggies and made homemade marinara sauce fresh that morning to go with it. (She also brought cheese on the side, which you can see in the background for those who chose not to keep it vegan.)

Veggie pasta.

Pasta with vegetables and homemade spicy marinara sauce.

I made a wheatberry salad (with a special wheat free version for a gluten free member of our team) from Angela’s site Oh She Glows.

Wheatberry salad

Wheatberry salad

Another of my coworkers made cherry pie, and she would like you to know that those are leaves, not Christmas trees, despite what they may look like.

Cherry pie

Cherry pie

It was nice to take some time of the work day to sit and share food, stories and laughter together. My job might be stressful at times, but I am thankful to have been given a chance to join these women and have them be a part of my life.

Stay tuned for the Christmas dinner we are having next month, they decided the theme is “bring your favorite vegan dish.”


3 Responses to “Thanksgiving at Work (Giving Thanks for Thoughtful Coworkers)”

  1. Megan @VeganWtsn Says:

    Sounds amazing! After watching Private Practice last week I wondered if people really shared holidays with their coworkers. Glad it worked out! Who says a feast needs to be traditionally themed around a turkey?

  2. that’s really nice that they made it all vegan! ; )

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