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Coworker Christmas- Vegan Potluck December 18, 2011

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As promised in one of the last posts, the Christmas potluck with my coworkers was entirely vegan. Unfortunately for this food blogger, it wasn’t exactly made up of the most photogenic foods, but it was all pretty tasty.

First up, we have spiced potatoes from my boss. She said it was made of potatoes, homemade tomato paste, vegetable stock and various spices. It had a little bit of heat to it, but I think she held back on the spice because she wasn’t sure if we would all be able to handle the amount of heat she usually puts in her food.

Spiced potatoes

Next up is the lentil stew that one of my coworkers made. This is made of lentils, swiss chard, onions, coriander, garam masala and possibly some other spices I am forgetting.

Lentil stew

I made a version of the Confetti Macaroni Salad that is in Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s cookbook, Color Me Vegan. I used gluten free, brown rice pasta since one of my coworkers is gluten intolerant. It was my first time cooking with brown rice pasta and I am not impressed. Even though the package said it wouldn’t get mushy, it totally did, and that was before I even mixed it in with any of the other ingredients. I also forgot to add mustard to the salad, so it was missing the tangy element I love so much about macaroni salad. Everyone said it was good though, so it is possible that I am just hard on it since it was my creation.

For dessert we had the same cherry pie that we had at our Thanksgiving potluck, but with more trees (yes, this time they are trees, not leaves) on top this time.

Cherry Pie

I also made gluten free chocolate peppermint cupcakes with chocolate peppermint frosting and candy cane pieces on top. I used a cake mix from Bob’s Red Mill and I think they turned out really well. I couldn’t tell that they were gluten free, and when I put the rest of the pan in the library for the rest of the people who work on my floor to take, I don’t think any of them knew they were gluten free either, they were just excited I baked for them again. So, way to go Bob’s Red Mill, I know that I can buy that mix again and make great cupcakes for my gluten intolerant friends.

Gluten Free Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake

We had great decorations on the tables as well. The building management put out these fake poinsettias all around the building and we borrowed one for the centerpiece of the table.


One of my coworkers gave each of us a little pot of rosemary, mine (not this one, mine is in a blue pot with snowflakes on it) is currently living on the windowsill near my cubicle at work. Partially this is because I didn’t have enough room to take it home with me on Friday with the cupcake carrier and salad bowl I had to carry, but also because my office sadly gets more light than my apartment does. I lack actual windowsills in my apartment, but I think it will be just fine to have it live at work, and make my office smell like rosemary. I can always harvest it a little at a time, and take it home as I need it.

Rosemary plant

It was nice to once again share a meal with my coworkers, and it was nice of them to make it so I could enjoy everything. I have a feeling that sharing vegan food is going to be a reoccurring event now that we have two very successful, tasty events behind us.


4 Responses to “Coworker Christmas- Vegan Potluck”

  1. Megan Says:

    Wow! Such comforting foods! That rosemary tree will smell AMAZING in your cubicle and help create a calming feeling. That’s a good idea! Good review on the GF bake mix from Bob’s Red Mill too. I think we tend to be harsh on GF baked goods but this sounded like it worked out well and fooled people, which means it passed the test.

    • bookie85 Says:

      I have had some truly awful gluten free baked goods and I was a little hesitant when the gluten free pasta didn’t work out as well as I had hoped but I was so pleased when they didn’t taste any different than other vegan cupcakes.

      The rosemary hopefully will lend a calming aura to the office. My boss cautioned me to keep it in a container and not to plant it in my future community garden plot since it is an invasive species and will take over, which is true of a lot of herbs, apparently.

  2. Wow! Your coworkers are so kind! I usually have to scrounge around and be glad I brought something to the potluck whenever my work has one. 🙂

    • bookie85 Says:

      My work is a bit more inclusive to all diets than most. They even have a vegan table at the ice cream social every summer. I work at a nonprofit that focuses on global health though, so a large percentage of my coworkers are health conscious, with at least a few being part time vegans in their dietary choices.

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