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Vegan Eats in My Hometown December 31, 2011

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In my hometown of Longview, WA there is one health food store that also has a cafe. The last couple times I have been home (not counting the time I was getting my wisdom teeth out, that wasn’t a visit where we were on the hunt for food) my Mom has tried to take me there. We were finally successful the Friday before Christmas when I arrived in Longview via a train from Seattle, right at lunch time and completely starving.

Country Village Nutrition Shoppe and Cafe is on the border of Longview and Kelso and takes up most of the storefront space in a small strip mall. The first thing that I noticed when I sat down (besides the fact that my Mom and I knew half of the patrons in the place, love that about going home) was that they had information about vegan substitutions right at the top of the sandwich section of the menu. They have an impressive selection of sandwiches, salads, soups and juices made fresh each day. I got the “Happy Charlie San” that had a mix of raw nuts, veggies, vegan mayonaise on sprouted wheat bread. The menu said that “Charlie was happy because the tuna was still in the sea.”

I was impressed that the waitress noted that because I was getting no cheese on my sandwich and requesting vegan mayonaise I probably wouldn’t want the pasta salad that was made with non-vegan mayonaise and offered to substitute a green salad before I could even ask any questions about the ingredients in the side dishes.

Happy Charlie sandwich with a green salad

The sandwich was really good, I loved the nut mixture, it was flavorful and satisfying. I didn’t have a chance to eat any of the green salad that was on the side because I was so stuffed from eating the whole sandwich. It was a bit messy to eat, and some of the nut mixture fell out, allowing my Mom to taste some. She said that she would have to get it next time, and agreed with me that it was a creative vegan option, and much better than the salads I usually eat in restaurants in Longview.

We will definitely be back, next time I want to try one of the fresh juice options. It is nice to know that there is a nice place that my Mom and I can go to when I am home.

Country Village Nutrition Shoppe and Cafe is located 711 Vandercook Way in Longview, WA. They are open Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm


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