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Immune System Boost January 8, 2012

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It is January and it seems that all around me people are making goals to get healthy, stay healthy and generally better their lives. January is also the season where everywhere I go, someone has a cold and that cold is trying to take me down. Several of my coworkers returned from the holidays with killer colds, and so now I am fighting back and trying to strengthen my immune system like it is my job. Sometimes when the turn of the calendar isn’t enough incentive to change habits, the threat of a killer cold is.

So, what am I doing? Well, healthy eating for one. I am trying to cut down the amount of sugar I am eating, and am tracking to make sure that I am getting enough fruits and veggies each day. I have started using an app on my iPhone called “Lose It” where I can track what I eating, how many calories I am eating and how much exercise I am doing (more on that in a minute). I am also using an app called “Waterlogged” that simply tracks how many glasses of water I am drinking each day. I have it set to alert me every hour and a half to drink water, which helps on the days that I get so zoned in to the work I am doing at my desk that I forget to get up and refill my water bottle.

I am taking my vitamins every day at dinner since I am home for dinner most days so it is a reliable time to take them each day.


From left to right, I take vitamin D (vegan source of course), omega 3 capsules (also vegan), an immune Boost blend that has vitamin C among other vitamins (this one is probably not necessary and is a placebo effect, but whatever works, right?), a multivitamin, and a sublingual B12. Not pictured are the zinc tablets that are on my desk at work. I take those at least twice a day, especially after spending time trapped in a meeting room with someone with a cold.

Exercise gear

I have started going to yoga twice a week, a strength training/bootcamp class twice a week and supplementing with cardio of some sort either on the days I do yoga or on a different day. I am finding that the yoga is helping me with the knee pain I have suffered from off and on since high school, which allows me to do more cardio.

Finally, I am getting enough sleep on a consistent basis. I am going to bed between 10pm-11pm and getting up between 7am-7:30am which is allowing me to get plenty of rest, even on the days I don’t fall right asleep. I am using an app on my iPhone called “Sleep Cycle” that tracks my movement while asleep using the accelerometer in the phone. It uses this information to determine when is the best time in a 30 minute time range to gently wake me up in the morning, making it so I am awakened when it is best for my body, not just when the alarm says I have to get up.

So, I am not sure which, if any of these changes are making me feel more rested and better in general or if it just a placebo effect from making positive changes, but in any case I am heading in to 2012 feeling pretty good.

What are you doing to boost your immune system?


4 Responses to “Immune System Boost”

  1. Gosh, seems you’ve covered it all. I believe the worst thing is not the office, but the tons of people breathing into your neck in the tube…. One thing I do to boost other people’s (!) immune system is staying at home and NOT attending yoga classes when I’m sick. A bit of compassion never harms, right? 😉

    • bookie85 Says:

      Absolutely! I am a big fan of staying home sick the day I think I am starting to come down with something rather than waiting until I am actually sick. This tactic means fewer germs being shared with the outside world and it usually means that I don’t end up sick. If more people did this we would have fewer colds to share, I think. However, most employers don’t share the same view that mine does (which is to use your sick leave however you want that gets you well, but we are a nonprofit focused on health).

  2. melly Says:

    I haven’t had cold in over a year and a half or any other bug . That’s when I started taking a probiotic and vitamin D. I take the D on a regular basis but the probiotic when I remember (which isn’t so often) usually when I am around a lot of germy people or feel like I might be coming down with something. I don’t know which it is or both but it seems to have made a difference with me. I usually had 2-4 colds a year.

  3. […] And that’s what I generally do, in addition to drink lots and lots and lots of water. For some more info/suggestions about boosting your winter immune system before getting sick, check out fellow vegan blogger Molly’s tips. […]

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