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SOPA Protest Day- Stop Censorship Now January 17, 2012

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Hello there dear blog reader. Yeah, you reading this bit of free speech I have going here. While I very much enjoy writing this little blog where I show you some of the tasty vegan food I have made recently, in another part of my life, I am a librarian. As a librarian I am very, very concerned with free speech, freedom of information and the ability to freely express one’s own ideas. I believe that everyone has a right to get the information that they need, and I spend my days making sure that the people I work with (as well as the occasional friend of mine who just doesn’t have quite the same Google-fu that I do) get just that. I am also a big fan of properly following copyright laws, so don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that we should have the ability to go crazy and take whatever we want for free, but what the government is proposing is not the answer. Basically they want the ability to censor the internet with a piece of legislation that is most commonly referred to as SOPA.

What is SOPA? This video explains it better than I can.

If you live in the United States, get involved! Tell your government officials what you think. Spread the word and make sure people know about this. If you don’t live in the United States, please still pay attention to this, since if it passes here, it has a good chance of echoing in other countries around the world.


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