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Vegan Options at Einstein Bros Bagels February 12, 2012

Filed under: Food,restaurant,Seattle — bookie85 @ 9:42 PM

They put in an Einstein Bros Bagel in the building where I work last month, and on Friday I found myself there for lunch with a few of my coworkers. I had failed to look at the menu online before we went, which I usually do to avoid any nasty surprises of not being able to eat once we arrive. When I got to the front of the longish line, I asked the women working the register (who I think was one of the assistant managers) if the veggie bagel sandwich would work for a vegan, she immediately said yes, they would just take off the cheese and the cream cheese.

The result was a whole wheat bagel loaded with veggies and sprouts, and a dill pickle on the side. I did appreciate that the bagel was soft enough to bite in to, most bagels are too hard to chew properly, and I feel like I chew and chew and never get anywhere. I did wish that they had one nondairy spread to offer, that would make the sandwich even better, but over all it was a fairly satisfying lunch and I am not opposed to going back in the future.

Veggie bagel sandwhich

Veggie bagel sandwhich


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