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Food Swap May 2012 May 31, 2012

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I did the food swap hosted by Cat at The Verdant Life again this month. I sent a box to Fawn at Milano Running Mom but it didn’t arrive all in one piece, unfortunately. I will let her show you that, though.

I received a box from Jamie at The Radioactive Vegan. Despite her worries that there aren’t many vegan options in Richland, WA she put together a great bunch of goodies.

Box contents

The box contents.

Included was a bag of pecan almond peanut clusters that I devoured in one sitting, a chili spice kit, five kinds of Stash tea, three fruit strips (one of my favorite hiking snacks), a Clif bar, a Larabar, a “Milkless” milk chocolate bar, and a homemade sprouting mix. The postcard had information about the sprouting mix and a note from Jamie on the back, and a picture of Elvis on the front. 🙂

If you want to participate in the swap next month sign up here, if you are in the United States. If you are in Canada, sign up here. If you are somewhere else in the world, start your own swap!

Thanks Jamie for all of the great treats!

I won’t be participating in June since I will be traveling, but I will hopefully have fun things to show you from my trip to Boston coming up in a couple weeks instead.


One Response to “Food Swap May 2012”

  1. I hope you enjoy everything! My confession is that I hardly buy the nut snacks because I too always eat them in pretty much one sitting! they’re sooo good.

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