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Anti headache diet: bringing back the avocado October 7, 2012

Filed under: Eat to Live,Vegan Mofo 2012 — bookie85 @ 7:40 PM

Today I am bringing back possibly my favorite food in the world to my diet. Avocado. I picked up this avocado salad roll at Metropolitan Market and had it for dinner. If I get a headache tonight I will try eating avocado again in a couple days and if it happens again I will cry and cry and cry because that means avocados are a trigger and I can’t eat them anymore without experiencing pain.



7 Responses to “Anti headache diet: bringing back the avocado”

  1. I had a fried in college who was on a migriane diet but I never saw her eat anything this beatuiful

    • bookie85 Says:

      I am in the stage of the diet where I am adding some foods back in. I did a detox for a week (was supposed to be two, but I just can’t keep it up that long) and now I am bringing back one food at a time. Today is avocado so I decided to get something with plenty of veggies that I know aren’t a problem.

  2. coldandsleepy2 Says:

    Good luck! I hope it’s not a trigger food for you!

  3. sarahappifanie Says:

    Oh no avocado as a trigger!! That SUCKS. I will hope for you that it isn’t.

    My triggers include nuts, seeds, and chocolate. Sigh.

  4. melly Says:

    About an hour ago I used a new hand sanitizer scented coconut cream. Won’t be using it again. Instant head-ace and nausea. Won’t be using again. Don’t overlook scents as a trigger along with food.

    • bookie85 Says:

      That is a good point. I pretty much use low scent or no scent items (and rarely use hand sanitizer). I am lucky to be in a “scent free” workplace as well. I can’t control my apartment building though and several of my neighbors smoke, which I report over and over because I know that smell is a trigger and I shouldn’t have to just deal with it.

  5. melly Says:

    I’ve only had a reaction like this one other time. Normally it just activates sneezing. But I have a friend who it really gets too. Smoke isn’t good for you even if it doesn’t cause your migranes.

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