Vegan Princess in an Omni Kingdom

Adventures of a vegan girl living in an omni world.

About The Princess September 19, 2011

Hello! I am a 28 year old vegan librarian living in Seattle, WA. Being kind to animals, which to me means not eating them (among other things) is important to me. I am trying to navigate being a vegan in a non-vegan world and spread the message of the vegan lifestyle without being annoying and aggressive about it. I find that a vegan chocolate chip cookie goes a long way in starting that conversation.

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One Response to “About The Princess”

  1. Hey Molly! It was awesome meeting you, Megan and Jean while I was in Seattle. I loved Plum Bistro! My husband and I even went back there for dinner on our last night in Seattle. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to check out your blog, but I’ve been busy playing catch up since I got back from vacation. I’m here now, however; and am going to spend some time on your lovely site. Your about page is great, and I agree that vegan chocolate chip cookies are a fab way to start a conversation! Celeste 🙂

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